What are the benefits of marriage counseling?

Benefits of marriage counselingWhat are the benefits of marriage counseling?


1) In marriage counseling, both of you will learn healthy conflict resolution skills. The most important skill you will learn is how to listen, because, communication is primarily a listening skill. With these new listening and conflict resolution skills, you will be able to resolve conflicts, misunderstandings, and miscommunications without accumulating resentments.


2) A qualified marriage counselor will be able to teach you the skills the both of you need to be able to better communicate your needs and how you like those needs to be met. When our needs are being met, in the way we need them to be met, the conflicts you are experiencing diminish, and your relationship will flourish.


3) Together you will learn that there is a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Both of you need to be able to talk about issues without the fear of being hurt or hurting your spouse. Through marriage counseling you will learn that you can get what you need, while feeling heard and respected.


4) Your marriage counselor will help you to work through recurring resentments / and unresolved conflicts. The relationship that you develop with your chosen martial therapist will create a safe environment for expressing, uncovering, and resolving the issues that brought you to marriage counseling. Expressing your feeling in a safe place allows you to be heard, perhaps for the 1st time. You may find that your spouse is more then willing to work together once they truly understand what you are saying and needing.


5) Through the process of marriage counseling you and your spouse will develop a deeper understanding of each other and yourselves. This deeper understanding of your needs, and how your needs are met will set the stage for your relationship to reach levels of intimacy that you never knew possible.


The relationship that you develop with your chosen therapist can benefit your relationship in many ways. Improved communication, less conflict, a greater understanding of your partner, and increased intimacy, are just some of the different areas of your life that a trusted professional can be of benefit to you. If you wait too long to seek marriage counseling the odds are against you. Even if you feel it is too late and no amount of counseling will help the only way to know for sure is to seek professional help. The opportunity to be open and genuine with a trained professional who will maintain your confidentiality can be an invaluable experience.  A therapist will play a unique role in your life.