Why you should list your private practice with us.

It's funny, we are all taught to be good therapists, only to find out if we build it, they may not come??! We have to be marketers too?!

In short, yes, we do. Every thriving practice needs a steady flow of new referrals. Which begs the question; where do the people who need my services look for me, and how do I reach them? The short answer is advertising in therapist directories.

Therapist directories are a wise choice. 

But, marketing can be very expensive you say? 

  • Ok, just for comparison; one 30 second radio spot on a drive time show with 1.8 million listeners will set you back anything between $700 - $1500, each time it’s aired. Each time it’s aired! Thats $1,000’s and $1,000’s of dollars a month!
  • Google get 3.5 Billion Searches each day.
  • We are 100% tax deductible!!

What about pay per-click advertising?

Pay per click advertising can cost any where from $5.00 to $15.00 per click. 

  • At even 10 clicks a day that’s $50.00 to $150.00 each day, or $1550 to $48,050 per month.
  • And pay per click advertising accounts ONLY for 6% of over all internet traffic!

The Marriage Counseling Therapy Network is a new kind of directory, we help your practice stand out from the rest. We are different from the other directories in three exceptional ways.

1) We geo target - matching therapists with potential clients from with in a convenient 25 mile radius of the client’s location. 

The map to the right shows the locations of potential clients using our directory to find the right counselor.

2) We help potential clients find just the right therapist; you and your practice - Potential clients select from various relationship related issues that they wish a therapist to specialize in, focusing the search results, and allowing your practice to stand out from the rest!

3) We showcase your practice - with our “website like” profile display.

  • Our profiles are so sophisticated that Google treats our profiles as though they are stand alone websites! Meaning that your profile may very well show up in a Google search for your name or practice name. This is remarkable, because your profile is standing out from all the rest as its own "listing" on Google!
  • In our state of the art search, you will stand out in your zip code, based on your skills and specialties!
  • Your practice gets qualified, motivated referrals!

Stand out in your zip code, based on your years of experience!

  • Our directory allows users to sort results based years of experience!

Showcase your practice. Our profile gives you 4 opportunities to connect with prospective clients!

  • Your mission statement
  • Let them see how your approach to healing will help them in their relationships
  • Share a youtube video
  • Connect with potential clients using a personal statement

All of this means that by the time a new client arrives at your office for their 1st appointment, they know you are the therapist for them!

Investment clock

So, what’s my ROI, ( return on investment ) you ask? Well, the average qualified referral uses between 10 and 16 hours of service. 

  • If you charge $65 an hour, that's between $650 and $1040 per referral!
  • Or if you charge $150 an hour, that's between $1500 and $2400 per referral!

As you can see, making a small investment of just cents a day, a very wise business choice! With huge potential ROI ( Return On Investment ). And! We re 100% tax deductible! Nice.

Remember only the Mint can make money without advertising.

Join the directory with global power, and always a local look and feel!