Why can’t I just talk to a friend or a family member?

A friend or family member doesn’t have the professional training that a quality therapist will have. A qualified therapist will assist you in learning the tools that you need, to heal and make the necessary changes in your life. Furthermore, it's likely that your friends and family have been trying to help you by giving you their support and the best advice they know how to provide, and as heart felt as it is, its just not what you are needing. This is because, your friend's and families' advice is probably fine advice, but it isn’t objective.  Your friends and family are are just that, your friends and family, and as such they are biased even with the best of intentions to not be. Additionally, they will give advice that is based on their life’s experience, as opposed to professional experience and training. A trained therapist will be unbiased, and interested only in assisting you to find your own answers and helping you understand what has brought you to where you are now, and the options you have to transcend your current circumstances.