How our structured counselor profile showcases your private practice

Our Philosophy: Every thriving practice needs three things, referrals, referrals, referrals, and that is just what we provide. Our sole focus is on presenting your practice in the best light and ensuring that people in need find you quickly and easily. Our profiles are of such high quality, that Google treats them as though they are stand alone websites in their search results!

We achieve this simple goal with a comprehensive, and carefully crafted approach, designed to guide potential clients to your practice, based on your areas of expertise.

Focused search results: How nice would it be if your areas of expertise were the determining factors for whether or not a prospective client finds you and you practice?

Our state of the art search engine, matches your practice with prospective clients based on your areas of expertise and your methodology, resulting in only highest quality referrals to your practice, happier therapists, and even happier clients.

Presentation counts: We designed our directory to showcase your practice in the most professional, easily accessed, and understandable manner. When clients are looking for a therapist they are in crisis, and easily overwhelmed. Our carefully crafted display dramatically simplifies the task of getting to know you. You will be able to select from any or all of our 10 profile elements sections to create your professional profile, these sections are as follows:

  1. Mission statement: This is your first opportunity to make an lasting impression on a prospective client, letting them know what your guiding philosophies are.
  2. Office(s): Your location is very important to your prospective clients
    1. We give you the opportunity to display all of your offices on one easily understood interactive map.
    2. Interactive maps: In our increasingly mobile world, a client may be searching for you on their mobile phone or tablet. Our interactive maps allow clients, with one tap to place a call to you to make an appointment with you. Greater ease for clients = more referrals for your practice.
  3. My Approach: This section provides you with an opportunity to “reach out” to your prospective client, connecting with them in their time of need, letting them know that you understand what their struggles are and how you would help them through their crisis.
  4. Education: You have worked very hard for your education, and continue to do so to meet your continuing education requirements. We understand that and have created a page for you to showcase all of your hard work in a simple and easy to understand way.
  5. Credentials: You have also worked hard for all of your credentials; specifically your licenses and certifications. We have an additional page for you to showcase these vital accomplishments too.
    1. Areas of specialization: Your areas of professional expertise will be displayed in three separate sections, one for your expertise in the area of relationship counseling, one for individual counseling, and one for your methodology and modalities.
      1. Marriage and couples counseling:Pick up to 10 relationship issues you are most qualified to address from our comprehensive list.
      2. Individual counseling:
        1. Pick up to 10 individual issues you are most qualified to address from our comprehensive list.
      3. Counseling approaches ( Modalities ):
        1. Pick up to 10 approaches to therapy or modalities you employ in therapy from our comprehensive list. If there is an issue or approach / modality that you feel we have overlooked feel free to send us an email. We will review it, and if it’s appropriate for the directory, we will add it to our lists.
    2. Videos: Videos can be an exceptional way to connect with prospective clients. If you have a professional video that you would like to use, you can add it to your profile. 
    3. Testimonials: If you have client testimonials that you would have permission to publish, we have a section for that too! Client testimonials can be very reassuring to prospective clients.
    4. Personal note: Sometimes a quick note about our personal background, an little “self disclosure” is just what is needed to seal that connection with a prospective client. For that reason we have a section for that as well.
    5. Language: Many of us have the ability to do therapy in more then one language which allows us to reach out to others. Clients may want to see a bilingual therapist, this section assures prospective clients that you are that bilingual therapist.