How do I find the right therapist or marriage counselor?

  1. Roll your "mouse" over the "SEARCH FOR A THERAPIST" button in the menu bar, and 'click'
  2. If you know who you are searching for skip to step 5
  3. Select- from the lists presented, and choose the type of service you wish to search for i.e.
    1. Marriage / Couple's counseling
    2. Therapeutic approaches
    3. Individual counseling
    4. Languages spoken
  4. Select the issues you wish your therapist to be able to address, from the list presented.
    1. You may select up to 10 items, from each of the 4 lists
    2. Please note the more items you select, the fewer therapists you will have to choose from 
  5. Select - “Name search - Find the therapist you were referred to”
    1. Use the fields provided to enter the name of the therapist you are looking for