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Marriage counseling, when you need it, you are looking for just the right marriage counselor, therapist, or psychologist, for your unique situation. Finding a highly qualified counselor can make the crucial difference in your, relationship, individual, or business success. Finding just the right, marriage counselor, psychologist, or, psychotherapist, can be a formidable and overwhelming task. This site is specifically designed to simplify that task for you. Search our international therapist directory, based upon what you need a psychotherapist to specialize in, then compare up to 3 therapists side by side. Finally, review that counselor's profile in detail, and contact your therapist by phone or email. Marriage counselors, psychologists, therapists and life coaches are as different as the people who seek the therapy they provide.

Global network of, marriage counselors, psychologists and, individual therapists work with, relationship, family, depression, anxiety, and communication issues.

Our mission at the Marriage Counseling and Therapy Network, is to provide you with a wide variety of, marriage counselors, psychologists, and coaches, for you to choose from. You can search our directory for FREE and find just the right counselor to work with. Our global network is growing on a daily basis. If you're seeking marriage counseling in, Los Angeles, NYC, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego, Washington DC. Or searching for, couples therapy, in, Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, San Antonio, Phoenix, Tampa, Minneapolis, Portland, Indianapolis, Sacramento. Or searching for marriage counseling in, Baltimore, Austin, Vancouver, Denver, Columbus, or Charlotte NC, etc. Our network of highly trained marriage counselors, psychologists, family counselors, are ready to assist you with your couples therapy and individual counseling needs.

When searching our database of highly qualified psychotherapists, you will find that they assist individuals, and couples from every walk of life. Offering assistance with more then seventy relationship, and personal related needs. Whether they be struggles with communication, conflict, anger management, major depression, anxiety, parenting issues, co-parenting, and, intimacy, issues. Network therapists help with, divorce prevention, divorce recovery, blended family counseling, therapy for addictions, affair recovery related problems and trust issues, just to name a few. We provide you with the opportunity to narrow your selection of counselors, based on your unique, personal, business, or relationship counseling needs.

If it's individual counseling you're seeking, our network of counselors are trained and prepared to lend a helping hand with more then 80 different psychotherapy related topics. Such as, depression and anxiety, relationship issues, dating related problems, life transitions, divorce recovery, parenting and co-parenting, anger management, eating disorders, self harming issues, sex and intimacy issues, trauma and PTSD issues, and of course trust issues. We provide you with the opportunity to narrow your selection of counselors by selecting from the list individual counseling topics you wish to address.

Marriage Counseling

There are many approaches to marriage and individual counseling, network psychotherapists all have very diverse backgrounds both personally and professionally. A Therapist's theoretical orientation to providing psychotherapy can be an important consideration when choosing a therapist. For example, some are trained in, the Gottman approach, or family therapy, emdr therapy, mindfulness therapy, emotionally focused therapy. Other therapists are trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, dbt therapy, art therapy, Christian counseling, grief counseling, just to name a few of the more then 80 recognized approaches you have to choose from. Many psychotherapists will subscribe to more than one theoretical approach, this is referred to as an "eclectic" approach to psychotherapy. We provide you with the opportunity to narrow your selection of psychotherapists based on their theoretical orientation to providing psychotherapy. So if there is a specific style of therapy you are seeking, we can help you find psychotherapists who have expertise in that style of psychotherapy.

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The Marriage Counseling & Therapy Network is a distinguished internet based solution. How nice would it be to effortlessly fill your practice with motivated clients? Focused clients who know what they want ... you and your speciality. Marketing a private practice can be a significant challenge. As a therapist, I understand how hard it is to make timely connections with people in need. With our state of the art search engine, potential clients will find your practice, based on their needs and & your specialties, filling your practice with focused, motivated clients. Allowing you to do what you do best... therapy.



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